Sponsored Sports

In addition to providing extensive sporting and recreation facilities and supporting activities through the Club's sub-committees, Rich River Golf Club Ltd also provides extensive support through in-kind and cash donations to a number of sporting organisations within the local community and surrounding district. The Club also supports a number of smaller regional golf clubs providing financial support for annual tournaments, including:

- Lockington Golf Club - Bamawm Golf Club - Campaspe Golf Club - Rochester Golf Club
- Elmore Golf Club - Mitiamo Golf Club - Cohuna Golf Club - Valley View Golf Club

Particular emphasis has been placed on support and development of the Moama Recreation Reserve, with Moama Sports Club providing support to a number of sporting and community organisations, including:-

  • Free use of facilities at the Moama Sports Club to sporting groups such as: Moama Football Club, Moama Echuca Border Raiders Soccer Club, Moama Cricket Club & Goulburn Campaspe Junior Football League
  • The provision of electricity to the Moama Recreation Reserve supplying power to run the lighting for the football fields, velodrome, pumps and various amenity buildings.
  • The provision of a groundsperson on a daily basis to maintain the playpark facilities.
  • The provision of function facilities for use by the various groups for sporting meetings and events.
  • The Club also makes substantial cash donations to the indivdual associations, including:
- Moama Echuca Border Raiders Soccer Association - Moama Football Netball Club
- Goulburn Campaspe Junior Football Carnival - Echuca Moama Little Athletics
- Moama Cricket Club - Echuca Moama Cycling Club

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